Friday, 11 January 2013

11th Jan Day 11 -WATER an early day 12- SURPRISE

I thought I would blog this morning and then spend the rest of the day ironing, my first proper load since Christmas!!! and then scrapping I want to do the WC and HC on UKS this weekend as they seem easy.

 I also plan to put on paper what is in my mind for Serendipity this week on the next page from My 2 views LO's. Think this will be an intro and then journaling.  Lucky Snapping 2013 will all be in the same mini book.

WHOOPS!!!! today should be water so off to remedy this NOW!!! Day 12 is surprise LOL!!
Day 11 Water a photo of all the water we drink, we never drink tap water!!

Day 12 Surprise  a photo seeing the sun for the first time for many days!! I took the photo from our front door as it is rising from the east!!
The clouds are around and so are patches of blue, kind of in layers, no fluffy white clouds. Do hope we don't get the snow that is forecast this weekend. The weather man is usually right these days!

I forgot last night to tell you what I impulsively bought whist walking towards Covent Garden. A bright lime green waterproof in a clearance sale for £40 instead of £99.(not that I would never pay that price!!) It had a detachable fleece jacket so 2 jackets for that price. I will look like a slimy frog....not a red whale!!!
I will have a photo taken of me wearing it when it snows!!!!! Seriously I guess I had a serendipity moment of joy in finding a new waterproof so unexpectantly to replace my famous pink one!


  1. mmm, I like shopping! I think that was partly why I enjoyed my M&S meal last night, not having to think of what to cook and then something a little bit special! We shall be seeing that jacket for sure in the snow! xx

  2. Well Lynne if one day we manage meeting it will have to be as slimy frog and red whale, LOL ! xxx

  3. Yesterday I did my first big clean of the house since Christmas, it's good to get back in a routine. Well done on your jacket.

  4. Lynne, What is the other challenge you are doing?
    We don't drink tap water either, thats why we got a Brita filter tap when we had the new kitchen. It's brilliant.

  5. PS. Can't wait to see you in your new Jacket.