Monday, 21 January 2013

21st Jan -week 4 Quotation and #~21 What you do

Week 4 of Lucky Snapping is my week and it is a Quotation

“There are 3 things that a child can teach an adult
To be happy for no reason
To be always be busy doing something
And to know how to demand – with all one’s might- what one wants” ~ Paulo Coelho

I have decided to start my week with the LO I did today for the weekly challenge on UKS. Suzy who is joining us this year for this challenge, set the LO challenge today.
She gave us a sketch to follow, we had to use paint or ink on the LO, some stitching and a quote/poem.
I was totally out of my comfort zone painting on the cardstock!! My sewing machine didn't work, I found the plug incorrectly wired by my colourblind Husband last year! Anyway here it is with one child who definitely knows what she wants and is determined to get it if she can!! 

More tomorrow on myself!

I didn't go out today as the pavements were really icy but as the day progressed there is a thaw. I spent the day apart from scrapping cooking some yummy SW speedy lentil soup and Homity pie which is a glorified cheese and potato pie with leeks, peas, onion, eggs and cheese in the mixture and then baked!
#21 what I do...[now I am retired ] Here is a collage of the speedy soup I made today!


  1. Mmm yummy! I have just suggested to Jordan she migt make us Homity pies sometime, she likes to make pastry so there's an idea for her!
    Sounds like a lovely snow day and super layout! Xxx

  2. Lovely layout Lynne. that soup looks really good

  3. There is nothing like a good warm soup with this weather ! xx

  4. Your granddaughter is so adorable and I think all little girls know how to get what they want, especially from their daddy's and grandfathers. They wrap them around their little fingers withing minutes of being born. Your soup looks delicious. I am not sure about the Homity pie, is that like quiche? Sounds good though! I don't know why my picture stopped coming up. Not sure what I have done! LOL

  5. Lovely layout and that soup looks lovely. x

  6. What a beautiful layout. I shall have fun thinking about the challenge this week,