Monday, 7 January 2013

7th Jan week 2 LET'S REFLECT and Day 7 - ROAD

Today we have a week from Anne on Lucky Sanapping 2013, This will be based on, Let's Reflect.  In the year our discovering will be based on 12 words, each one starting from a letter from SILVER LINING.
Today's word is SERENDIPTY  meaning " the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you aren't looking for it" In simple words, it's taking joy out of something you didn't expect.
Anne gave us these examples....
A stranger smiling at you and making your day
Someone telling you you look nice
A letter from an old friend you had lost contact with
A song bringing back beautiful memories

So this week we have to concentrate on the little things life brings us. These little things that sometimes we are too busy to see.We can use moments having happened before and what will happen in the future
I shall try to look for things I wouldn't normally think about. I thought about RAK, random acts of kindness but will leave that thought today

Guess my joy today was Carol letting me use her washing machine whilst she is away. (my machine is leaking and I await an engineer since Friday)
 I had Zac (DGS) today and he once more homed in on my new Kindle Fire to play Ice Age village another app I had put on for him with Angry Birds which he taught me on Sat!!
 We went to a Launderette to collect our summer duvet which I had finally taken off our bed before Christmas, I miss the light weight as I am always hot in bed!!!  He was such good company and a good boy today.
We also went to Sainsbury and met my step daughter who found a bargain, a £5 pack of Christmas wrapping paper for 50p. We bought several packs, Zac has one pack for his Mummy .Well done Jo spying it!!

My Day 7 photo for ROAD is below. Our road outside our house which badly needs repairing as do many of our roads in Britain!!

Tonight I bit the bullet and went back to SW. I first went in 2010 and lost nearly 5st and went from size 24 to size 16. I left in 2011 and in that time have maintained and finally put on nearly 2st and into a size 18 though I still wear a few size 16 but more and more feeling uncomfortable.  I am  feeling quite excited about a new start to a new year :)


  1. Nice post Lynne, looks like you had a nice day and well done for going back to SW, those decisions are always a pain to take. xxx

  2. Well done on getting back on track with your weight, it's so hard. Sounds like you and Zac had fun.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time, my mil rang to say she had some of that Christmas paper packs for me as well. Haven't seen them yet, but they look lovely.

  4. well Done for going back. I am doing slimming world for the LAST time . Good luck