Friday, 4 January 2013

4th JAN - Day 4 VIEW

A very lazy day for me, 12noon and I am still in bed, been up since 8am and read  book from my new Kindle fire, got email on it and some games apps, wonder if I will play them? Guess my DGS Zac will like Angry Birds :)
 I have done a lot of things as I laid in bed, I complained to our local councillor for our area about the state of the road and pavement outside. Within 2 hrs there are road repairs going on!!

Day 4 of photo challenge was VIEW so a completely different view from my bed!!
Well off to shower and wash my hair then tackle the ironing pile, I hate ironing!! Oh and the washing machine is leaking!!!


  1. I love pyjama days although I usually get dressed by lunch time. I also find I can get a lot do in them. Well done on complaining.

  2. you should have a go at playing angry birds lynne :)

  3. I wish our council would do something within a month when I complain, lol. What a beautiful Kindle Fire. Good luck with ironing !xxx