Tuesday, 15 January 2013

15th Jan -more good news and day 15 - an ordinary day

Good news here, no snow just a heavy frost and very cold and  the sun is shining and now we have a cloudless blue sky!  Hope it is the same with you Anne? Not sure about this red sky in the morning......
Can you see the lovely blue sea in the distance?
 The South Downs can be seen on the horizon too!

Well back to a bit of nostalgia for today
I retired from teaching when I was 55yrs and worked part time for our local LEA until I was 60 so I have been out of teaching and new terms for more than 13yrs but I still think about the schools I worked in at the beginning of terms with mixed emotions and memories.  I have to say I have never regretted finishing early  get my health and life back, to enjoy the grandchildren and to learn to scrap and blog. Retirement was a NEW BEGINNING.......A whole new life!

Thought you might like to see me with my class as a Home Economics teacher in a Sec school in 1982. Don't I look young!! These girls will be women in their 40's now LOL!!
 I became a primary school teacher in 1986 after marrying Peter and here I am in 1992 with my yr3 class. They seemed such tiny tots when I first started teaching there!!

and finally to remember the fun we had in the staffroom and on special days with the children. Here I am with a colleague in 1999 on red nose day!!
Well enough nostalgia for today
Day 15 FSM photo - an ordinary day - taking my daily tablets for BP and under active thyroid(family history)


  1. Your photos are amazing Lynne, so nice to see your groups when you were teaching !
    I didn't see the sun rise this morning but we have a beautiful cloudless blue sky here too. Just back from the park and it was again very cold. Need a hot drink now ! xxx

  2. great photos of your teaching days- do you ever see any of your students now?

    1. Yes Helen and some are only 4/5 yrs younger than me as I was 21 2 weeks after starting teaching and I worked in a school with 6th form so taught A leve home ec!!!! In the primary school some were parents AND grandparents too LOL!!

  3. Excellent post and great photos!
    Beautiful memories.
    BRAVO for Day 15 FSM photo - an ordinary day.
    /You always look great!
    I want to have your strong spirit for life and ... pleasures!/

  4. Great photos and stories of your teaching years. I have been a teacher for exactly 22 years and sometimes I am not sure if I can do it for another 18 years. Luckily there are really lots of nice memories so one forgets about the exhaustion.

  5. Lynne, I have loved looking at these photos and reading your thoughts. I feel the same and there is something magic and comforting and scary all at the same time about the generations changing.

    Pink sky in the morning here too this morning :) xxx

  6. Super photos Lynne, it really was beautiful this morning wasn't it. See you on thurs :) x

  7. love the pic of you in 1982!! That could of been me in your Home Ec class!

  8. Aren't school pics just so fun to look at, amazing if one of your girls sees you on a blog she reads! Thanks for telling us some stories and great to see your old pics, I think the new term feeling never leaves us, I am a Sept birthday (you too I think) and it was kind of odd to have to start a new year rigt as my birthday arrived too.. X

  9. Love the pictures of your teaching days. It's nice to have fond memories of days gone by.

  10. How lucky for you to be able to retire early, I'm barely 50 and am being expected to work over 20 more years in teaching :( Love your LO, thanks for completing our challenge.

  11. Thanks for sharing these photos. I am doing things to opposite way round to you having started working in schools in my late 40's but there is something very comforting about living to the timetable of terms.