Thursday, 3 January 2013

3rd JAN - day 3 HEART

It is another dark damp morning.  We are back to normal today, Peter is back to his little morning jobat the solicitors and I am going shopping, the first time for a fortnight! We managed last night to make a dinner with a tin of chilli bean, left over veg and mashed cheesey pots called Spicy Bean pie from SW. I just love their recipes especially from the green book.

I have just taken a photo of my first LO for Lucky Snapping 2013

I took the photo with the LO on the book that I am going to use for this year. A Paperchase album. I have used these before for CJ's and they cover really well. I ususally have a browse in their shop when in Covent Garden

Day 3 of my daily photo -  HEART
I love blueberries and last year I saw someone do a heart with fruit, thank you whoever did this !

So excited as my new Kindle Fire (my 2nd kindle, I had an old second hand kindle 15mths ago which got  broken 2 weeks ago) so a belated Christmas present from me to me which is really from Peter as he wanted me to have a new one :) Off to get all my books that I have bought from Amazon onto my old Kindle put by Amazon on to this new one, i was in the middle of reading a book too!!


  1. Wonderful project - an excellent job! Congratulations!
    Good day! Smiles!
    Find the most beautiful heart!

  2. i love paperchase! Lovely mini book layout :)

  3. Oh that is gorgeous, I love the colours and the font is really pretty, thanks for joining in Lynne xxx

  4. You are just too good, Lynne. That LO is fabulous ! xxx

  5. Your book looks good Lynne, well done on starting it.