Saturday, 12 January 2013

12th Jan - rain rain and more rain

What a miserable day and wondered what I would say having already done day 12 photo yesterday!!
It was the kind of day where you had to put on the lights during the day and was glad not to put my nose out of the door. Even the cats didn't move much!
A close up of the rain lashing at the window and you can see we have the lights on!
Apart from scrapping the WC and cooking dinner we have chilled out watching recordings on TV, I caught Florrie very interested with the large cats in Africa. What a fascinating programme!
 I took down all our lovely thank you cards today and re read the lovely kind words my 2 collage friends wrote after staying with us on 28th Dec, another Serendipity moment, thank you Anne for making us aware of these little moments xxx
Tomorrow I will try and do my Serendipity pages in my Lucky Snapping album following My View LO and photos


  1. Itmakes achange us having good weather and you having it so bad

  2. Hey Lynne, that is going to be some album, 52 pages! Will you do them 1-52 or in phases with the view, then Anne's etc I wonder?
    Sounds like almost a snow day there.. x

  3. Oh I love that one of Flossie lol.

    Nasty cold rain today here too xxx

  4. Flossie is so cute !
    We had a terrible day day, wonder if it will snow ? xxx

  5. Friday was our day like that, there was only midday when the light was off. We have a dusting of snow this morning.