Thursday, 17 January 2013

17th Jan Dear John.....Day 17 READY

So tonight Dear Step daughter Jo rings me to say....."You haven't blogged yet and...." Woops she is reading my blog about me and her Dad LOL!!  " hurry up we are all waiting" !!!

So Peter is out and I know the letter is somewhere....but can I find it?  Anyway in rummaging  I am amazed at the photos and things he has kept in his work bag and his bedside table. Many photos and Jo he still has your Mum's passport!!! (should he have given it in????)
This must have been you and Dad...when??
Anyway I digress,  Here is the Dear John letter and the actual letter!  OK Jo getting there!!

Peter and I had been seeing each other during the summer, he was very keen to see me and when I was decorating the dining room of my house he wanted to help me. I suddenly went into a panic bout how close we were getting and how I had really made great strides in being able to do things as a single parent. The big things like taking control of finances, insurances, and finally buying quite big things alone, also being able to run a house, keep a garden under control and finally DIY all on my one!

So one day I wrote this ;letter which he still keeps bless him!

The last lines say " Please try and understand that I have made a life for myself without anyone else and at the moment that is how I want it"  Mrs Independent me!!

Well apparently the story goes, that after receiving this letter, he went down the road to his close footie friend Dave and within an hour Dave booked him a holiday in September to Austria to the village Hippach nr Mayerhoffen..

In Ocober I was missing him and contacted him to go at Oct half term for a day trip to France...the booze run. That was the real beginning of us getting together, getting married the following year (in Oct 1985) and winning over his daughter and son  (hard work LOL!)....the wedding to follow tomorrow!

So tomorrow we must all expect snow? Here are the skies today.  These clouds have hovered over the channel and the west all day and tonight were black!!

Photo for FSM today was READY I had a scrapping class this am and here I am ready for the class a Christmas LO. photo tomorrow xx


  1. Ahhh Lynne I have just share that with my Col, we love our own story and have loads of momentos of the time. Isn't it just great that Jo is following your story, even though she is now a grown up and knows the ending xxx Love to you both, see, he knew oyu were good together..

  2. Fab post, was looking forward to it. Well done for handling it with Jo reading too :) xxx

  3. lol... very hard work if i remember correctly!!!! cant wait for your ladies to see the wedding photo!!!!

  4. great to read the story of your lives together but did you really mean 2005 surely you celebrated your silver wedding anniversary a while back?

  5. Ah what a nice story, love reading your blog Lynne, it's like following a movie in episodes. You are good ! xxx

  6. I also love reading your blog. I've not been well again so I've gone and missed my daily blogs AGAIN

    1. Take care Viv, will give you a ring xxxx

  7. lovely story lynne, thank you for sharing with everyone. Hope your class went well.

  8. I love your story and can't wait to hear more and see more pictures. I was very much like you when I met Thadd. Very independent having been a single working mom for about eight years after my divorce. I am woman hear me roar! LOL

  9. What a lovely story I can identify with the whole stroppy I can do it myself thing xx

  10. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to tomorrow.

  11. love catching up with your blog