Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29th Jan Orange today #29 GROW

An awful wet and windy day with ray of sunshine with Xanthe today! A view (what view?) from our patio window, note the light is on!!
Xanthe had her rainbow dress on today
We went out late morning to toddlers gym and whoops into the puddle fell Xanthe!! Good job Nanny had another pair of tights!!
One of many photos I have taken of Xanthe and Grandad this lunchtime.
Now to our challenge this week. It was a challenge today finding an orange shawl but I did it is an evening 'cruise' one which is silky and orange and black.
#29 - GROW The amaryllis I planted on new year's day. You can see the rain on the kitchen window!


  1. I would love a dress like Xanthe's it is gorgeous.

  2. we havent had much rain today but it is due all week- better then snow? maybe but hope noone floods. Love the rainbow dress but what a shame about the puddle.

  3. We haven't had much rain today but it started this evening.
    Why do puddles always appear when we fall? I love Xanthes dress, she and grandad look like they are having a very serious discussion.
    I love that shawl, just right for a cruise.

  4. We had sunshine, no rain but we could use some. I love Xanthe's dress. Your shaw is beautiful! Was Xanthe upset about falling in the puddle or did she secretly enjoy it? I used to love playing in them when I was a kid. A good Nana is always prepared! LOL

  5. Adorable girl in adorable clothes. The puddles are such a nuisance. I love the bright orange of your scarf - I hope you can wear it on many more cruises. The idea to find scarves of all 7 colours is simply brilliant.

  6. What lovely colourful pictures, I really enjoyed them.

  7. Oh Xanthe looks gorgeous, just the splash of colour we need :) xxx

  8. What horrible weather glad you have lots of colourful things to brighten it up though!! beautiful pictures :) x and I finally finished my quote too!! x